April 1, 2023 About reservation on the day

About reservation on the day

1st report/April 1, 2023

Thank you for coming to our store so often.
Due to the limited number of reservations, we do not accept same-day reservations.
There is a waiting time, but we will guide you, so please come directly to the store.

The taste of “AJINOYA” continues to be loved.|The fluffy texture of lots of cabbage. We use plenty of carefully selected domestic cabbage, which contains moderate sweetness and moisture. Okonomiyaki is baked one by one with all your heart. Our customers' smiles are our vitality. All the staff are looking forward to seeing you there.

Main shop

Tuesday to Thursday
11:00 to 22:00
L.O. 21:30
Friday and Saturday
11:00 to 22:30
L.O. 22:00
Sunday and holidays
11:00 to 22:00
L.O. 21:30

Please cooperate with "mask eating and drinking".

Everyone already have it?
If you have this point card, you are already Ajinoya!

The Ajinoya reward card will be stamped with 1 stamp for every ¥ 500 of food.
If you get 30 stamps, you will receive a 1000 yen discount from the next meal.

The expiration date is one year from the date of issue.
Why do not you make this card that is advantageous for this opportunity?

You can make it if you can say aloud at checkout.

The request for cooperation from Osaka Prefecture was canceled on March 21, 2022.
Please continue to cooperate with "mask eating and drinking". Detailed efforts are posted here.

  • The Ajinoya Main shop complies with the "Guidelines for Preventing Coronavirus Infectious Diseases" in Osaka Prefecture.
  • The Ajinoya Main shop has acquired an infection prevention certified gold sticker.


  • Employees must measure their body temperature and wear masks before going to work.
  • Prepare a disinfectant solution (rubbing alcohol, etc.) for hand disinfection at the entrance and washroom, and ask for hand disinfection when entering the store.
  • The table has a partition to prevent droplet infection.
  • The number of counter seats is reduced to secure intervals.
  • A partition such as an acrylic board is installed between the cash register and the customer to prevent splashing.
  • Thorough ventilation (regular opening of windows, doors, etc., use of normal ventilation fan, etc.).
  • Cleaning with alcohol disinfectant every time the customer changes.
  • Installation of CO2 concentration sensor.

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