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  • Regarding reservations for the Obon period, please note that we are not taking reservations from AUG 10 to AUG 18.
Access to Teradacho shop

Access to Teradacho shop

AJINOYA Central Kitchen Teradacho shop (Antenna Shop) is about a 6-minute walk from Teradacho Station on the Osaka Loop Line.
Please be careful on the way.


House Cappuccino 1F 2-5-11 Ohmichi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 541-0052

For those using JR lines

If you are coming from the direction of Osaka Station, please use the Osaka Loop Line (outer loop).

When using the Osaka Loop Line (outer loop), it is “[JR-016] about 20 minutes from Osaka (9 stations)”.

  • For those using the loop line
    Boarding [JR-O16] Osaka
    Get off [JR-O02] Teradacho

By car

There is no parking lot at “Ajinoya”, so please use the nearby paid parking lot.

Surrounding map

This is a map of the area around AJINOYA Central Kitchen Teradacho store(Antenna Shop).


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