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News release

News release

You can now view the Ajinoya menu on your smartphone or computer. Of course, it also supports multiple languages.


Dear customers

∼ MENU BOOK started to be provided ∼

 Thank you for using our shop.


 This time, you can now view the menu (MENU BOOK) provided by Ajinoya from your smartphone or computer.
 The MENU BOOK supports Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.

 You can view the MENU BOOK by tapping (clicking) this link.

The taskbar at the bottom of the page also has an icon like the one on the left (a pattern of a fork and a knife). You can also view the MENU BOOK from there.

 All the staff will make an effort to make our customers even more happy. Thank you for your understanding.  

  Ajinoya shopkeeper

 1st report:April 1, 2023 


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